Innovation in the service of design

A passion for light and for finding lighting solutions able to improve people’s lives: these are the key factors in the success of SOLUPA, a company which, since 2004, has been creating elegantly designed Italian lamps for bathrooms. Born out of the marketing experience of Luca and the technical and design background of Davide, today SOLUPA is a dynamic enterprise able to point to production of more than 500,000 pieces a year, plus participation in the industry’s leading trade shows. Constant design innovation and research on materials, along with pre- and post-sale service and operational flexibility, are only some of the company’s strengths. Another irreplaceable quality is the attention paid to every phase of the production process, in order to guarantee constant, faultless quality, as before, after and durin production all the lamps are repeatedly tested to ensure that they meet the standards of performance, appearance and safety that have been the cornerstones of the SOLUPA project from the start.


The light that acts as a beauty aid

In 2012 SOLUPA’s experience, combined with its constant quest for excellence, led to the birth of Anidea, a new line created to set apart top-end products made with even more advanced technology, and materials of even greater excellence, in order to satisfy the most demanding customers. The technology, quality and Italian design of this brand combine to bring to life handsome, high-performance lighting objects crafted specifically to provide the best possible light in the single most intimate setting of the home: the bathroom. The search for innovative light sources, the use of eco-compatible materials and a quality-control system at the forefront of the industry, not to mention the fundamental importance placed on experimentation, are just a few of the features that guarantee the success of Anidea’s design process. In this universe, design combines with technology to provide the best possible light for daily personal care: the beauty light, a new concept, a new challenge meant to transform the magic of light into an irreplaceable beauty aid.