In addition to providing perfect, highly functional lighting, the Carina led lamp is an elegant decorative piece sure to give a luminous design touch to any setting.


With its gentle, rounded lines, the Eos lamp is a perfect fit for both classic settings and modern ethnic or country-chic design schemes, providing perfect lighting for all your beauty-care needs.


Small and compact, with a modern, elegant design, the Orion led lamp lights its surroundings to perfection, letting you take the best possible care of yourself.


With its purist, modern, timeless design, the Saturn lamp is ideal for both highly functional lighting and contributing to a refined atmosphere in either classic or metropolitan-style bathrooms.


With its spare, elegant body, the Draco lamp gives off a uniform light that proves ideal for making daily beauty operations as simple and effective as possible.


Ideal for modern and contemporary settings, this led lamp is the perfect design element for a well-lit, functionally efficient bathroom.


Ideal for those seeking an excellent quality-price ratio, the simplicity and elegance of this more streamlined version of the Fortuna lamp set it apart.


With its sophisticated form and contemporary design, the Fortuna lamp provides the ideal lighting aid for effective personal care.


The Fortuna led lamp, in its different sizes, fits into the surrounding environment in an elegant, understated manner, providing perfect lighting for the zone around the mirror and the sink.


A lamp whose body boasts a sparse, linear design, the Nihal, a perfect fit for both modern and metropolitanstyle bathrooms, creates the ideal atmosphere for caring for yourself on a daily basis.