The beauty light

Light up your beauty

Based on recent surveys, every woman spends an average of 55 minutes a day in front of the mirror, and the figure for her male counterparts is just a few minutes less. Everyone’s ultimate goal? To look as good as possible before going out on the stage of day-to-day, thanks to the right methods and aids. And what better assistance is there than a clear, sharp, powerful light by which to apply make-up, shave and care for one’s face in the best way possible?

The fact is that the colour and intensity of the light sources can significantly affect the success of daily beauty-care operations. Think of performers in their dressing rooms: the mirrors are surrounded by numerous bulbs to provide the best possible lighting. Smeared lip gloss, uneven eye shadow and badly traced eyeliner or, in the case of men, sloppy shaving, lopsided beards or shapeless haircuts… these unwanted outcomes, even the most damaging, can all be avoided or corrected with the proper light.

Anidea marks a revolutionary change in the word of daily personal care, providing you with an irreplaceable aid in your daily routine: the beauty light, perfect illumination to care for yourself and put your personal glamour in the best light. The goal is to transform the magic of light into the perfect aid for your beauty moments. Because beauty, as we all know, is the sum total of countless details, and only if we get each one right, on a daily basis, can we be confident of always achieving impeccable results.

By employing the latest technological advances, Anidea’s lighting devices provide crisp, well-defined lighting, always taking into consideration the colour, intensity, direction and distance needed to show you everything you need to see in the mirror, without any shadowy areas that could alter the way tones and hues are perceived.

Given that your good looks should always be seen in the best possible light.